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May 24, 2017

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Woman who put cat in jar charged with abuse

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A college student who posted pictures of her cat sealed in a jar was charged with violations against the Animal Protection Law (動物保護法) yesterday, by the Taichung District Prosecutor's office (台中地檢署) and will face up to one year maximum imprisonment pending further investigations.

Kiki Lin, a college student at Providence University (靜宜大學), became the target of a recent internet uproar from Facebook netizens. After sealing her namesake cat into a plastic jar, Lin went on to take pictures of the ordeal, claiming the incident as a "punishment" for the feline's misbehavior after she had uploaded them onto the social network. Netizens soon flooded Lin's page with negative comments calling her an animal abuser. "I really don't see how it is their (netizens) place to criticize me," said Lin, "without even knowing what happened; they have too much time on their hands."

Lin, currently a Junior majoring in English, claims to love her cat more than her life. However, contrary to her Internet post, Lin claimed the reason behind sealing her "beloved" cat Kiki into a jar was so that the duo could enjoy a nice outing. "I love her so much, and I was just testing out the most convenient method of taking her out. And I only did it once." Claiming that her cat's 4kg weight was too strong for her to cope with when trying to put the cat into a bag, Lin claimed that her experiment for an alternative was reasonable and legit. Lin went on to present press with the jar in question with obvious air holes punctured on the surface, drastically different from that of her uploaded photograph.

Regarding netizens' anger, Lin said that she was sorry for the misunderstanding but refuses to apologize for her action. When asked to respond to her accusers, Lin said "I only have three words for them: HA HA HA."

After conducting an inspection towards the incident, the Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office charged Lin with violation toward the "Animal Protection Law" late yesterday and has referred the case for further investigation to the Taichung District Prosecutor's office

According to Yu Chien-chung (余建中), Director of the Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office, the woman's action is punishable with NT$ 15,000 to NT$ 75,00 in fines, as well as up to one year in prison if the court finds her guilty under the Animal Protection Act.

December 25, 2013    mordrake@
Guilty. Fine her NT$75,000 and put her in prison for one year.
December 27, 2013    s260875@
Jail is too easy for that [woman] - I would do the same that she did to the poor cat - stuff her in that very same jar myself, THAT is punishment!!
December 27, 2013    aussiefa@
After she has been stuffed into a small jar, throw her in jail and throw away the key. And have it noted that she can NEVER have another animal in her possession.
December 27, 2013    aussiefa@
mordrake@ wrote:
Guilty. Fine her NT$75,000 and put her in prison for one year.
GUILTY. And she can go to prison in a small jar.
December 27, 2013    sydneysecret@
I hope the Taiwanese authorities deal with her harshly for animal cruelty.

A year in prison would allow her to have a good long think about her actions.
December 27, 2013    cpmondello@
This is a sign of a psychopath. There is a strong link between animal abuse and human abuse. She is in college, so I think at her age, it may be too late to teach her a different mind-set. She is in the same group of mental Illnesses that child rapists are. They are disassociated with reality, feeling no empathy for the pain and suffering of any living being around them. Most serial killers start by adding animals, and I am sure this girl has done this before. Her reaction to those who were horrified by her behavior further cements the sadness that is her existence. If like to put her in a plastic jar, no holes, cause the original jar for her cat didn't have any, you can tell by the "foggy" area where condensation was accumulating from her breathing and the air having no where to go. But I wouldn't throw this girl in jail, I'd toss her, jar and all, into the ocean.
December 27, 2013    tinyandmisty@
Certainly hope she at least gets the 12 months jail, and the conviction should ensure she will be unsuitable for good employment. Does anyone really believe the bull about the air holes LATER shown. I certainly do not. This is an animal cruelty practitioner, and I hope she is severely punished. And a court finds it suitable that such a person NOT be permitted to keep animals.
December 28, 2013    hypermoot@
They should stuff her in a similar jar or bowl, barely her size, she'll become even more popular. Hope she'll be permanently banned from her College and not allowed not to enter any other...
December 28, 2013    hdi9qjdiw9dj@
Execute her!
December 28, 2013    DexterMorgan@
A rather cruel experiment. It seems as if Miss Lin shows no remorse whatsoever. Perhaps the Taiwanese courts will do the same for her sentencing.
December 29, 2013    tigermoth77@
That sc*m bag who forced her cat into a jar - arrest and put that sc*m bag in a jar with no room to move - then leave her trapped inside that jar for one month.
December 30, 2013    miller.henry641@
This woman, Ms. Kiki Lin, a college student at Providence University (靜宜大學), brings great shame on her family with her actions.
Why did they raise such an uncaring person?
December 30, 2013    curtisakbar@
That cat has more protection by the law than most foreign workers in Taiwan.
December 31, 2013    rondh69@
Put her in I mean jail!
January 3, 2014    luciferosirisarnold@
Make sure she never in her life owns another animal. If I had seen this in person I would have chopped her head off.
January 9, 2014    cordellmhf@
She needs counseling and never to have another pet. Stuff her in a jar.
March 9, 2014    nikitamodi582@
curtisakbar@ wrote:
That cat has more protection by the law than most foreign workers in Taiwan.
That’s not true...these disgusting Chinks have NO animal rights NOR human rights welfare acts ...
if the animals suffer so much due to cruelty, abuse and for food...then its very good that the people also suffer the same fate...if not they deserve worse...
March 21, 2014    piawliangjohny@
curtisakbar@ wrote:
That cat has more protection by the law than most foreign workers in Taiwan.
Yes, animals need more protection than humans. They can't talk like foreign workers. There are many AGENCIES who are helping foreign workers. They can shout for help, run for help and call for help. So what is your problem? For just a small attention for that cat.
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