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May 29, 2017

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Premier calls for transparency on Nuke 4 dialogue

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Premier Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺) called for publicized and thorough discussions over the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant issue at a conference of top officials of the Cabinet yesterday.

"There will be no nuclear power plant unless nuclear safety is ensured," Jiang promised, stressing that the government holds to its insistence on nuclear safety.

Jiang stressed that for now, speculators should focus attention on the development of the nuclear plant project and its safety inspections. People should not just wait for a "yes or no" from the government before they understand the entire situation, Jiang said, adding that this would miss the point of communication.

Jiang said that he has already asked Economics Minister Chang Chia-juch (張家祝) to oversee the entire nuclear power project, showing confidence in Chang's willingness to seek the opinions of nuclear-tech professionals and anti-nuclear activist groups.

There will be many aspects surrounding the halt or launch of the nuclear power plant that need discussion, Jiang said. "Is the nuclear power plant safe enough to launch? If it is halted, what are the alternatives for electricity? Will it have impact on electricity prices?" Jiang asked, throwing out a string of questions to make his point.

The decisions made over the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant should only be approved when enough discussions and opinions have been exchanged, Jiang said.

Ma's Five Points for Nuke 4 Planning

At the conference, President Ma Ying-jeou listed five points that were crucial to the government's plans over Nuke 4 — listen with humility, detailed research, sincere communications, careful decision-making and effective execution.

Ma explained that the government will listen, study and communicate with the public before making a decision and executing it.

Similar to the pension reform, Ma said, the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant brings to light difficult decisions that must be made. "There might not be applause if we begin operations, but it will definitely be disastrous if we do not," Ma explained.

He promised to listen to objections from anti-nuclear groups and would insist on a careful study of the issue from researchers.

"This is not the responsibility of one individual or one political party alone," Ma said. He added that the next step will be to communicate with the public, since all will have to shoulder future challenges.

The final step is to make a cautious decision and execute it efficiently, he said.

"No matter what, the people in this country will have to bear the consequences," Ma said. "This is why we have to explain it very clearly and communicate honestly."

February 24, 2013    kunosoure@
US operating N power plants for almost half a century, obsolete, inefficient, over a hundred and not a single injury, death or significant radiation exposure. Nothing has that safety record. Nuclear, the safest, cleanest non-polluting energy source on Earth. Until fusion, ITER. The air of Beijing is now not breathable (coal burning). Just as I predicted some 30 years ago in a report to CIA. It was China’s beginning semiconductor industry, but covered much more. i.e. the future of China generally. Japan with Russia is now building N power plants for Vietnam. The modern world is going to nuclear power.
February 25, 2013    carltanong@
Premier Jiang Yi-huah was right.

Nuke 4 should be discussed with transparency. DPP chairman Su Tseng-chang should open his mind, not just for politic for his own self benefit to be heard, to be understood and to be acknowledged that he is only the one always right and bright.

Every thing has Risks with Benefits from nuclear reactor to airplane to ship and to land transportation. Without those, economy, factory, businesses and employment were at RISK to go bankrupt and unemployment will shoot up.

Without Nuclear reactors that produce cheaper energy and electricity, high cost will go up and the people will suffer. Sure, the Nuke is Risky too.

But the develop country and developing country needs the Nuke reactor even it is RISKY.

The slogan of the DPP "FREE NUKE HOMELAND" is just a PLOY to deceive the people mind. The DPP knew it is a NECESSITY for development. But the DPP intentional use this action in calculating to frustrate the government to gain their DPP own advantage indirectly or deviously as a maneuver to gain political power.
February 25, 2013    hsuejacky@
"But the develop country and developing country needs the Nuke reactor even it is RISKY"

Dear Sir, Madam Carlanong,

Please educate yourself by looking at the relevant situation in Germany or the Netherlands. What, for example, about a campaign to sensitize Taiwanese to cut electricity usage (less neon lights in the middle of night, for instance?)? What about a vivid discussion about implementing renewable energy? Yes, Taiwan will need nuclear power in the coming 10 to 15 years. But a discussion free of politics (as proposed by premier Jiang) would be much more useful than Carltanong's pointless ranting about this party this-and-that and the other party that-and-this. Some people think are know how to listen and compromise, others simply don't.
February 26, 2013    taipei202@
"Every thing has Risks with Benefits from nuclear reactor to airplane to ship and to land transportation"

Writer of this line: you deserve a price for the least meaningful truism:)!!
February 26, 2013    miller.henry641@
Taiwan needs nuclear power.
But I do hope they contract the construction out to experienced foreign builders.

Just say NO to nuke plant chabudo!
February 27, 2013    ludahai_twn@
This plant has already been identified as one of the most dangerous in the world by international nuclear groups. This plant should not open. Of course, the disingenuous KMT pushes for a referendum at a time they know it will NEVER pass.
February 27, 2013    question@
8% of Taiwan's total power supply comes from nuclear reactors.
Can't we save that amount of electricity to avoid a potential disaster?
February 27, 2013    billythekid@
How someone above (CARL) can blame the opposition party for protesting against something the whole world is extremely concerned about. If it would be the KMT opposing nuclear power and the DPP promoting it, this someone would equally shift camps. There's a name for this kind of pathetic behavior.
March 1, 2013    joshyf@
The KMT listens closely to Taipower, the state run electricity company. Taipower is deeply embedded in the KMT’s power structure. The Economics Minister is a former Taipower executive. The head of the Taipower workers’ union is a member of the KMT’s Central Standing Committee. Taipower wants this nuclear station. It can be pushed and prodded to reluctantly try out the odd alternative energy project, but this reactor is Taipower’s crown jewel.
March 1, 2013    zhazha@
This project has to die, and everyone knows it.

It is not safe in any meaningful sense of the word. Not only are there potent natural threats in the form of quakes and tsunamis, but over the last couple of years there has been a study stream of articles on all sorts of man-made problems with this plant.

Nor can the budget handle it, nor is there a place to put the waste. Completing it and running it as a nuclear power plant would be transcendentally stupid.
March 1, 2013    cc50@
Carltanong and some others, I understand litte about Taiwan politics. But you understand even less. The KMT can't simply halt the plant, they are too invested in nuclear power. So their solution is simple: Stop Me Before I Kill Again. Let's have a referendum. Let the public kill it instead, thus showing the Benevolence of the Great KMT which can reap some of the propaganda benefits of looking like it actually supports democracy. And then they can arrange for the DPP and its environmentalist allies to take the blame, just as environmental opposition was made the excuse to kill that dog of a naptha cracker in Changhua last year
March 1, 2013    donacoke@
Once again, carltanong shows his ignorance and arrogance, as well as being a troll.
March 2, 2013    ludahai_twn@
@cc50 - sadly, the call for a referendum for this summer is part of the dirty tricks that the KMT loves to play. Taiwan has an extremely high passage threshold for referenda. There is absolutely ZERO chance of passage under current law. A majority of all eligible voters must vote 'yes' in order for it to pass. This will not happen in a summer referendum with nothing else on the ballot, and the KMT knows it. So, the referendum will fail, the KMT will (falsely) claim a mandate to continue the plant, and under current law, there won't be another referendum allowed on this topic for another eight years. Typical dirty tricks from the KleptoManiac Triad.
March 9, 2013    ruan4*7@
The suggestion by reader Carl Nong that people opposing the new nuclear station are somehow brainwashed by a certain political party is ridiculous and even insulting to most Taiwanese. It furthermore suggests that over half of us cannot think by themselves and are manipulated by politics in demanding a safer Taiwan. This is a free society, Mr. Nong, with freedom to object to what we feel will be unsafe for our children in the future. Are you sure you are like me, a concerned ROC citizen, who is willing to do an effort to respect others he doesn't see eye to eye with?
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