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May 1, 2017

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China develops military to prepare for potential cross-strait conflict: US

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- China continues to modernize and improve its military capabilities to prepare for potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait, an annual United States Department of Defense (DOD) report to Congress said Thursday.

The newly released "Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China for 2014" report said China's military expenditure continue to grow in order to reach its goal of being a regional and world power.

Despite warming cross-strait ties, China has been preparing itself for possible military conflict with Taiwan to prevent the latter from making moves toward de jure independence, the report said.

Once the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is ready to take military action against Taiwan, the report said that Beijing may first "pursue a measured approach characterized by signaling its readiness to use force, followed by a deliberate buildup of force to optimize the speed of engagement over strategic deception."

Another option is that China could abandon large-scale preparations in favor of a surprise attack to force rapid military or political resolution before other countries, such as the U.S., could intervene, it noted.

In addition to direct military engagement, other potential solutions for Taiwan include air blockades, missile attacks and mining to force capitulation, the DOD report said.

Taiwan's previous strategies for deterring Chinese aggression, which included the PLA's inability to project sufficient power across the 100-mile-wide Taiwan Strait, the Taiwan military's technological superiority and the geographic advantages of island defense, have eroded with the increasing modernization of the Chinese military.

But Taiwan has been taking steps to address its declining defensive advantages, including building its war reserve stocks and its defense industrial base, improving joint operations and crisis response capabilities, and increasing its officer and non-commissioned officer (NCO) corps.

Recognizing the continued growth in China's military spending, Taiwan is also working to integrate innovative and asymmetric measures into its defense planning in order to counterbalance China's growing capabilities, it added.

Consistent with the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States has been helping maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait by providing defense articles and services to enable Taiwan to maintain a sufficient self-defense capability, the DOD said.

June 7, 2014    thomaslagrua@
It is important to understand (as history has clearly demonstrated), that when the USA speaks, there is usually a disingenuous agenda behind the facade of a helping hand. In the case of fear mongering the idea of China is preparing to attack Taiwan, the insincere motive is two fold: first to keep China distracted as part of a broader plan to destabilize China and the Asia pacific region; secondly, to scare Taiwan into buying more of America's overpriced weaponry. The world is waking up to the fact that the USA is not a Democracy of the people; instead, it has become an Oligarchy run by multinational corporations that profit from War, Terrorism, Illegal drugs, etc. As the saying, beware the bearers of false gifts.
June 9, 2014    gc@
The greatest security threat to China is the US. Even if the Taiwan issue is resolved, China must be strong and able to retaliate should the US decide to disarm China's miniscule nuclear deterrent. Obama has signed into law to attack China's missiles hidden in tunnels. If that doesn't motivate China to build up its military, the CCP should resign.
It should have at least one thousand nm with at least one to two hundred to hit back should the Pentagon decide to neutralize the PLA n deterrent.
Sooner or later the Taiwan problem will be resolved one or another. The PLA carrier missile destroyer is deemed a threat. What the hell does the US expect China to do? Be defenseless like in Mao's time or the last ten years? Believe me, if China is destroyed the US won't escape unscathed either. It will suffer immense and inescapable destruction.
That is the stark reality confronting the WH decision makers. Even the missile shield, missile killer/missile lightning rod, etc won't restore the sacrosanct status of the US. It's a forlorn hope and will force the PLA to devise ever more powerful weapons/missiles.
June 9, 2014    mc@
Chinese aggression? What about the US attacking Iraq/Kosovo/Vietnam, etc. Let me enlighten readers about the Vietnam War.
According to the secret files of the Freedom of Info Act, US crew in the Tonkin Straits were ordered to provoke the NV coastal defenses into attacking the US boats. That was the excuse president Johnson needed to con Congress into giving him powers to attack NV, a poor and backward country.
The US with its immense superiority military could be about to do the same thing for a war against China. A US carrier could be sacrificed for this purpose. Fortunately/Unfortunately China though not a peer of the US, can launch devastating retaliatory attacks .Though the US can destroy China, it will have to accept unacceptable damage.
This is what is deterring the US from being too gung ho. But you never know.
June 10, 2014    cm@
It cannot be business as usual for US carriers operating off China's coastal waters. These carriers are used to roaming freely without fear in the TS Taiwan Straits as recently as 1996. Since then things have changed. I need not go into the 1996 crisis. Suffice to say China is prepared for any US provocation this time.
US forces are supposed to defend against enemy attack. Since it's so powerful, no country, not even Russia and China, dares to attack it. So what's the hullabaloo?
Well the US forces are used to attacking other countries in an environment, safe from enemy retaliation. This immunity started from ww2.The US dropped a bombs on Japan without fear of Japanese retribution. In fact in the 50s, the US contemplated destroying Mao's armed forces, so weak was China then. Right up 1996, the US could have destroyed China or its nuclear weapons with minimal damage.
Since then the bill has gone up and will go up even if the US tries to restore its sacrosanct status.
In the Korean and Vietnam war, the US declared there will be no sanctuary for forces attacking US forces. Well the same will apply to US forces attacking China. Foreign bases, be it in Vietnam, Japan, SK and Philippines, will be subject to PLA retaliation. I hope it shall/will be the policy of the PLA to regard any attack on China from these bases to require a PLA response on US assets.
This is a significant change and that's why the Pentagon is fuming.
June 10, 2014    mg@
So the US can be a nuclear threat to China. The PLA must not be allowed to be a threat to US security. What kind of bs is this? This is typical bully behavior.
Remember the US has used nuclear blackmail on China in Korea, Vietnam. Taiwan 1954, 58 and god knows how many more times. In 1996, in the Taiwan crisis, the pentagon had mentioned the use of nw.
Fortunately the Taiwanese raised their objections and the PLA backed down.
As one of the readers pointed out, the US is run by oligarchs whose motive is profit even over dead bodies. That the US has not threatened China with n attack in the current Asia tensions is, imho, is because China has the means to retaliate with nw. That has caused some hesitation in the pentagon. My personal belief is China must have an invulnerable nuclear deterrent to respond, should the US intoxicated with its arrogance and power, decide to disarm China.
So China must keep on modernizing its nuclear deterrent to remain in the game.
June 10, 2014    ihue51@
Don't be too flattered. It really has nothing to do with China itself. It is about Lockheed Martin. For Lockheed to make money they need to fabricate enemies. The fact is the military experts don't view China as a treat. Which is bad news for companies like Lockheed Martin. So they lobby people in the Department of Defense and Congress to make reports seem more dangerous than they really are. It is not really personal. China is a just convenient scapegoat for corporations. They don't really care who it is. Cold Wars mean giant profit
June 11, 2014    lightcrusaderjr@
The war mongers are at work again. They are accusing of the same thing that they are both actually guilty of to the detriment of the interest of smaller and weaker nations. All the peace-loving people of the world should band together against all the hawks in their respective countries that are itching for war. The problem with military build-up is that it pushes countries to the logical conclusion - why have it if you are not going to use it? The fools of the world have not learned any lesson from all the sufferings that previous wars have brought upon humankind.
June 12, 2014    cm@
During the Vietnam war, US military commanders had recommended the use of nuclear weapons should China intervene. That was in 1964/65. China had no nuclear weapons or it was in its infancy. It would have been a gross mismatch.
With the current tensions between Japan and Philippines involving China, why hasn't the US repeat these threats? I'll you why. The reason is obvious. China maybe weak 50 years ago and still weak now compared to the US military. The thing is China can retaliate with devastating consequences for the US should it be so arrogant as to unleash its nw.
That is the difference and aint the game changer as yet.
Believe me, China has no need to narrow the gap with the US. The ability to respond and cause unacceptable destruction on US assets is a deterrent to US unilateral action against China.
Btw, I know US forces are on 15 min alert status .Should it unleash one thousand nw, it must be prepared for at least ten to 20 PLA nw streaking towards the US. You can shoot someone a hundred times or more. If the victim can return at least ten shots, it would trigger some discomfort in the aggressor.
June 17, 2014    naruwanda@
A lot of these comments are from the same person. He/she has turned it into his/her personal blog in the China Post. One of those China "tourists" perhaps? Please go home and get voting on the future of your China. Oh can't!
June 17, 2014    boogurtwang@
This piece really has the PRC/PLA internet trolls jumping....hilarious stuff guys (and gals).
Glad to see that PLA funded English language education is working for you back in the CCP
June 22, 2014    Cm@
Your reader is so smart to deduce the articles are from one writer. Bear in mind there maybe other writers of a similar view.
Indeed some of the articles written about US/China are basically the same i.e. spouting the increasing assertiveness of China, etc. The only difference is in the names.
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