TMU Healthcare System receives honor for 3rd straight year

Friday, June 15, 2012
By Grace Soong, The China Post

The China Post--Carrying out the mission of continuously improving the quality of its medical care, academic research, and technology advancements, the Taipei Medical University (TMU) Healthcare System (台北醫學大學醫療體系) aims to offer the best service to all, President of Taipei Medical University Yen Yun (閻雲) said yesterday.

It was while attending the presentation ceremony of the National Quality Award (國家品質獎) that Yen made his comments. For the third consecutive year, an institute under the Taipei Medical University (TMU) Healthcare System (台北醫學大學醫療體系) received the national honor.

Winning such recognition by Taipei's Shuang Ho Hospital (雙和醫院) marks the official acknowledgement of the quality of all four institutes under the TMU Healthcare System — the medical university TMU and three affiliated hospitals, TMU Hospital, Wan Fang Hospital (萬芳醫院) and Shuang Ho Hospital, Yen pointed out.

It was step by step that the TMU Healthcare System reached where it is at today, Yen said. Wan Fang Hospital was the first among all four institutes to win the national recognition, which took place in 2002. In 2010, the medical university itself was awarded the honor in the organization category, and the following year, the TMU Hospital received the award in the same category. This year, Shuang Ho Hospital, which only will have been established for four years by July 1, became the recipient of the award.

The National Quality Award, established in 1990 by the Executive Yuan, is presented to commend excellence in quality achievements that exemplify best practices leading to improved organization performance.

Over the years, as the hospital system has improved itself and built momentum to bring better treatment to patients and support to families, it has been recognized by the Joint Commission International (JCI), a U.S.-based private organization that operates accreditation programs for hospitals and other medical care organizations.

Receiving recognition from the JCI, which applies stringent standards universally, indicates acknowledgement of the stern self-discipline the hospital system continues to implement, the TMU principal said.

Himself a clinician, scientist and an oncology professional recognized as a national leader in phase I clinical studies, Yen acknowledged the challenges that await the medical care system's future, including, for example, the integration of the four institutes. They share the same vision of serving the community with frontier academic and research results that are implemented into clinical applications, Yen stressed.

To more efficiently protect and provide care for patients, the hospitals will not only invest in more advanced technology and equipment, but also continue to grow and always aim for high quality medical care that caters to the needs of the people of Taiwan, Yen said.

“It is my honor to take part in facilitating and improving one of Taiwan's best medical care systems,” the TMU principal concluded with a smile.

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