CLA probe reveals multiple violations at manpower firms

Monday, February 27, 2012

TAIPEI--A first round of inspections into companies that contract out temporary workers found widespread violations, with half of them breaches of Taiwan's Labor Standards Act, the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) reported Friday.

From July to September last year, the CLA conducted inspections of 60 companies that supply temporary workers — of ten called “dispatched” workers in Taiwan — to private companies and public agencies, and it published the results yesterday.

Liu Chuan-min, director of the CLA's Department of Labor Relations, said 16 temporary manpower agencies fully conformed to regulations, while the remaining 44 were guilty of a total of 169 violations.

Of the violations, 82 failed to meet Labor Standards Act requirements, mainly because of not setting work guidelines, not signing contracts with workers, and not making sure they had a day off every seven days.

Another 35 violations were related to the Labor Pension Act, and 52 violations were related to the Labor Insurance Act.

A total of 16 companies were found to have five or more violations, and they were asked to make immediate improvements while also being turned over to local authorities for disciplinary action.

The CLA stressed that the rights of temporary workers have been covered by the Labor Standards Act since April 1998.

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