Chu Kuang announces '11 Ocean Clam Festival

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff--The 10th Chu Kuang Ocean Clam Festival will take place in Chu Kuang, Lienchiang County (Matsu), from July 22 to Aug. 14.

Ko Yu-Kuan (柯玉官), head of the Chu Kuang Township, explained at a press conference yesterday that the first Clam Festival was held in 2002 to advertise the clams exported from Chu Kuang. Ten years have passed since, and the festival has become a celebrated summer event that greatly boosts the tourism industry in Lienchiang County.

Ko introduced the ten features of the 2011 Chu Kuang Clam Festival as follows: the Tong Chuan Lighthouse (東犬燈塔), a Class 2 historical site where those eager for stargazing will flock to; the Dapu Stone Inscriptions (大埔石刻), a Class 3 historical site which records the history of Matsu; the golden sunset at Kun Chiu, a location known for its romantic scenery; the Chen General Temple, which protects western Chu Kuang County; the Chinese Crested Tern, the critically endangered bird that symbolizes the Lienchiang spirit; the intertidal zone, where those up for digging up clams, catching octopus and building sand castles are bound to love; kayaking, an activity those seeking adventures cannot miss; fishing with nets, a novel experience those living in the city should jump at; the opportunity to experience military lifestyles as the Lienchiang County used to be a military base; and lastly, a summer night fireworks party on the beach.

In addition to the introduction of the featured activities, a creative cuisine made with the three ingredients the Chu Kuan people are most proud of — clams, tofu, and watermelon — was also presented at the press conference.

Those interested in visiting Chu Kuang can take a boat from the Fuao Harbor of Nan Gan, Matsu. For more information, please visit www.johot.com.tw

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