Detergent commercial misleads customers

Friday, March 19, 2010
The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Fubon Multimedia Technology and Qiaobangshou company (巧幫手公司) were fined NT$300,000 and NT$200,000 respectively for a misleading TV commercial broadcasted on Fubon Momo shopping channel, said Fair Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday.

In the commercial promoting Qiaobangshou's “soapwort washing powder”, a cosmetologist named Yumi and a housewife named Kanemoto (金本) testified for the product in Japanese. FTC said both women are local Taiwanese. Although the commercial did not state so, it misled the customers into believing they are Japanese. The companies also could not provide evidence that it was “most popular in Japan,” “the favorite of Japanese housewives” and “extracted with the latest Japanese nanotechnology,” as promoted in the commercials.

The commercial said the washing power contains soapwort but the companies cannot provide relevant test results. The real effect of the washing power on oil, ink paste and oily pen stains was not as effective as it claimed in the commercial.

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