Number of male domestic violence victims increases

Sunday, February 21, 2010
The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The Ministry of Interior (MOI) revealed yesterday that the number of reported male victims in domestic violence has risen to a new high.

A total of 4428 male victims reported cases of domestic violence in 2009; which accounted for 9.24 percent of all reported domestic violence cases, said the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee under the MOI.

The number increased drastically from the 1325 reported male victims in 2002, when the figure comprised 5.1 percent of the total, added the office.

As both genders embrace more balanced rights and society changes its view about male victims, the number of male victims and percentage of reported cases both rise, said the office.

According to records, many cases occurred in families in which wives earn more than their husbands, who sometimes suffer verbal insults and even physical abuse. Yet officials worry that the actual number of male victims might be much higher than the reported figure.

Men may keep quiet when they are attacked in order to “save face,” added the officials. The MOI established a hotline last year to provide proper protection for men. The line received nearly 12,600 calls last year, still dramatically lower than the 250,000 plus calls to hotline “113” for women and children seeking protection.

The office encourages male victims to seek help by calling: 0800-013-999.

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