Water-saving project to start next month

Saturday, December 12, 2009
The China Post news staff

As southern Taiwan's water supply shrinks, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced plans to launch a water-saving project nationwide, slated to start in January.

The ministry will distribute 500,000 water-saving gaskets, small devices that fit on faucets, to Kaohsiung residents; the MOEA plans to offer incentives to families who save water, giving maximum discounts of 15 percent on water fees to households who use less water.

The MOEA will provide 5 percent off of water bills for families who use one-tenth less water and 10 percent off of water bills to those whose water usage drops by up one-fifth.

Families who conserve more water than that will receive the maximum 15 percent discount.

Because of the low rates for water fees, this project may seem trivial, but it means a lot, said Young Wei-fu, director-general of Water Resources Agency under the MOEA.

Young added that he hopes the average person's water consumption can drop from the current 274 liters to 250 liters.

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