Plastic surgery clinic disputes news anchor client's botched treatment claim

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A plastic surgery clinic yesterday denied a former news anchorwoman's accusation that the clinic's medical staff burned her face during a surgical procedure to whiten it.

The alleged victim, Chen Chia-hui, held a news conference on Nov. 23, complaining that the cosmetic surgery clinic, “Jin-Mei Yi-Mei” (勁美醫美), which she endorsed in infomercials, left black scars and other allergic symptoms on her face after having whitening treatments and Fractional co2 laser surgery to improve her skin tone.

The clinic responded that the surgeries Chen received were flawless, adding that Chen is not their spokeswoman but a guest who experienced complimentary whitening treatments. However, the clinic promised to offer compensation to Chen for emotional damages.

“Jin-Mei Yi-Mei” said that they had reminded Chen before and after the procedures to take good care of her skin by putting on sunscreen and moisturizer. They also provided a picture, which had been taken immediately after the surgery, as evidence showing Chen's face was neither reddish nor swollen then.

The ointment “Jin-Mei Yi-Mei” gave to Chen is a German-made professional skin maintenance product, said Chen Ming-hui, a lawyer speaking on behalf of “Jin-Mei Yi-Mei.” Although the clinic owner, surgeon Wang Tsun-yen, is not a licensed skin doctor, he has performed cosmetic surgeries for years as the chief of Taiwan's Laser Medical Association.

The Taipei City health bureau yesterday said that it has launched an investigation into the medical dispute, but made no further comment.

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