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April 28, 2017

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You Are the Apple of My Eye

Helping audiences re-live sweet memories — the bicycle ride to school, playing ball during recess, graduation and staying after school only to get closer to the girl you like, "You Are the Apple of My Eyes" (那些年,我們一起追的女孩) has it all.

The film is a gentle reflection of popular author Giddens Ko's (九把刀) teenage years in Changhua, kicking off right away with a grown-up Giddens, played by Ko Chen-tung (柯震東), waiting to attend a wedding. The film then switches back to a 16-year-old Giddens, biking to school while meeting up with his friends on the way.

Based on a novel, "You Are the Apple of My Eyes" tells the story of five guys, including Giddens, who strived to win over the heart of classmate Shen Chia Yi (沈佳宜), played by Michelle Chen (陳妍希), who successfully imprints her character onto our hearts and that of many Taiwanese teenagers.

The film is split into three parts: high school, university and the aftermath. Each part illustrates a different phase and level of the relationship between Giddens and Shen Chia Yi.

The high school portion of the movie is the longest; it strings our hearts together and spins them right into a memory tunnel with the scarred, drawn and worn out wooden chairs and desks, the girl poking the boy sitting in front with a pen, and the school uniforms.

The university years then show how the pair left their hometown and strived to maintain a long-distance relationship, which received a fine dose of real-life challenges.

The aftermath includes major turning points and decisions. Those with pet-peeves towards loose plot ends and underdeveloped characters need not worry. The film develops each and every character thoroughly, as well as gives a tip of the hat to how Giddens' career began as a writer. A two-part surprise epilogue appears during and after the credits, so be sure to stay for it.

"Maybe in an alternate universe, we will be together," said Giddens to Shen Chia Yi years after their last encounter ended in unfortunate misunderstandings. Not only do Giddens' words make us feel better about the fictional pair, they also pat faintly on our backs for those times that we may have allowed fate to slip through our fingertips. ■

► Directed by Giddens / With Ko Chen-tung, Ao-Chuan, Michelle Chen, Steven Hao, Tsai Chang-hsien and Wan-Wan / Drama / Taiwan / 2011 / 110 min. / Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles / ★★★☆☆ / Now Showing

November 8, 2011    gabriel_lee93@
I hardly control my tears after watching this dramatic movie. The ending is quite sad, I think that Shen Chia Yi should be with Giddens. Nice.
November 15, 2011    cayden.kwan@
Very well written. But these movies with bitter-sweet endings may just break apart more people who truly love each other yet don't dare to take the last step...
November 18, 2011    lim.chongyee@
The movie is romantic and funny at the same time. When I watched the movie I just kept thinking about what had happened to me before. It is much too touching, something that can move your heart deeply and bring tears to your eyes. The movie is simply representing most of our high school days. After watching it, I can't really sleep for the night thinking about what had happened in my school years and the girl that I truly love, who is like Shen Jia Yi (the girl with good results and quiet). I believe everyone will like this movie except those who never loved before. In rating 1-10, I give it 8.9. Recommend to everyone who wants to feel their first love again.
November 20, 2011    Serpent_sortia@
This is one of the best love films I’ve seen in my entire life. There were virtually no boring scenes in the movie and everything is perfectly combined and mixed. I could have watched it 100 times. :)
November 21, 2011    xa2046@
November 26, 2011    12522322@
November 28, 2011    rekasuka@
I wish there is "you are the apple of my eye 2" that the girl divorces the man she married and went to find the boy named Ko Chen-tung.
December 2, 2011    abc19991111@
Good ending
December 16, 2011    leeboonseah@
Best Chinese movie I have watched so far. I couldn't believe it was his first film. It was very natural and entertaining. Enjoyed it and all my friends were commenting about it too. Good Job!! Giddens!
December 26, 2011    Masloord@
I can feel those moment that gidden felt when watching the movie. I believe that there will be a good ending in his life story and that he will be with Shen jia yi in the end. Writing the novel and then directing it, that hard work he put in, Shen jia to will see it :) I mean just look at how popular this movie has become.
January 4, 2012    hanlin298@
Anyone mind telling me the moral of the story? Also, I didn’t get the ending, it was very confusing, was the kissing scene real or not? o.o Also, did he give up on her? Is the story saying there are some things you shouldn't hang on to? :/ I don’t get it.
January 31, 2012    419187049@
hanlin298@ wrote:
Anyone mind telling me the moral of the story? Also, I didn’t get the ending, it was very confusing, was the kissing scene real or not? o.o Also, did he give up on her? Is the story saying there are some things you shouldn't hang on to? :/ I don’t get it.
well, those guys asked for kissing the bride, n' the groom said 'how you wanna kiss my bride, how you've to kiss me at first,' so the boy kissed that groom n' we saw the shots that he was kissing the bride, which actually is just his imagination (this moment he was eventually kissing the groom). It’s like a film technique. doz tha' make sense? :)
March 11, 2012    ravishrestha62@
gabriel_lee93@ wrote:
I hardly control my tears after watching this dramatic movie. The ending is quite sad, I think that Shen Chia Yi should be with Giddens. Nice.
I feel the same, quiet unfair.
April 22, 2012    antheaa.lee@
I cried like a baby during this film. Made me feel so nostalgic during and after. I love how the ending wasn't your typical "happy ending". Instead he's just happy for her - I find that so beautiful!! Yes, two lovers being together can mean true love but not being together can also represent that and this movie captured it perfectly. Well done!
April 24, 2012    carltanong@
I've long been trying to write my love life in this article since I read it.... Now I decided to share to all of you.
Yes. This article is a very beautiful love story.

As for me and my 3g Taiwanese wife, it's more different than this one or others.

According to my mom.....
I come out to this wonderful world prematurely two months while celebrating my uncle (resident) birthday at that time in Taipei. Luckily, my auntie’s best friend was a pediatric (will be my mother in law). And I become my uncle and auntie jewel.
My mom was so weak...... And I was breast-fed by my future mom-in-law after checking out from the incubator. And she breast-feed her baby girl in one side and me in other side (sometime inside her clinic). And that baby girl will be my 3g Taiwanese wife.

In my childhood, I remember we played in her family home or in the park and went outing with my uncle and auntie and her family and eat at the restaurant.

When my dad and mom bring me back home after my four years stayed in Taipei. My parents never missed to bring me back to Taipei after school-break or holiday seasons every year. Sure of course they bring their daughter here for vacation sometime.

Yes. I become very naughty when I grow older here.
But warning come out from my mom. She said her ONLY daughter-in-law should be the one that I was breast-fed face to face when I was a baby.

That is it, my friends. The world was so wonderful and LOVE is so BEAUTIFUL.

Hope everybody have a happy ending love story.
April 24, 2012    miller.henry641@
Needs Jackie Chan...
April 24, 2012    Mbelix_001@
I like this movie.
Crazed for My Heart, and teenagers and adults in my Country, Indonesia Raya. I love Taiwan very much.
May 9, 2012    honeylikecandy@
I very much loved this film. This is the best film I have ever seen.
May 20, 2012    joshua_tumanda@
gabriel_lee93@ wrote:
I hardly control my tears after watching this dramatic movie. The ending is quite sad, I think that Shen Chia Yi should be with Giddens. Nice.
I can't let my tears out yet I still cried... Oh why oh why aren't they the ones who married?!
July 15, 2012    lesterpicar@
First impression of the movie is ko teng and shen chia yi will be a couple in the end because first A-ho tells if ko teng would like to wait the bride on him. (I feel comfortable that this film will have a happy ending) but there is the twist in the story. By the way I watched this film and can’t forget the couple. I hope there is a part II of this story yet not autobiographical but it will such be a great pleasure

By the way who is the man that shen chia yi marries? Any knowledge guys xDDD
February 26, 2013    g_denus@
I just wanna ask what is the translation of what the guys typed at the very end, when he is on the laptop.

I really want to know!!!

It’s like I’m still hanging in my seat because it might mean the story is just a parallel world and the real thing is, they're urgh... can't explain... please.
March 12, 2014    joviyutuc_23@
you are the apple of my eye 2 please
March 12, 2014    joviyutuc_23@
please make a part 2
September 11, 2015    nul@
I really really want 'you are the apple of my eye 2' :))
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