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Paranormal Activity 2 (鬼入鏡)

If there was any lesson to draw from the first "Paranormal Activity," it would be that men should take their girlfriends' worries seriously, especially when it comes to encounters with the demonic.
The Last Exorcism (最後大法師)

"The Last Exorcism" is one of the scariest movies to come along in a long time, until the last five minutes or so, when it completely falls apart.
Splice (人工進化)

The DNA mashup in the fright flick "Splice" is more of a sausage grinder than the delicate conjoining the title implies. Kind of a "let's mix together human genetic stuff and a bunch of animal building blocks and see what sort of breakfast links pop out."
A Nightmare on Elm Street (半夜鬼上床:夢殺)

One, two, Freddy's coming for you ... again? No seriously, Freddy's back again? How is that possible? He's a psycho killer and all, but still, he's been through a lot since the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" back in 1984.
'Paranormal Activity' 靈動:鬼影實錄

Just for the record, the time to tell your significant other that an evil force has been stalking you since you were eight is long before you're engaged and have moved in together.
'The Fourth Kind' 第四類接觸

Someone -- or something – has been terrorizing the people of Nome, Alaska. It has the ability to magically levitate people.
H2 血染萬聖節

If horror films reflect the anxieties of a culture, then it makes perfect sense that so many nefarious characters have emerged from the darkness in recent months, in films such as "The Last House on the Left," "Drag Me to Hell," "Jennifer's Body" and "Halloween II."
The sci-fi-horror hybrid "Pandorum" keeps its audience in the dark -- literally and figuratively -- far too long to be of much use besides as a patience-trying exercise in reference spotting.
Pandorum 顫慄異次元
Carriers 絕命帶原者

What would happen if all the hungry zombies, screaming people and meaty chunks were all taken out of a zombie movie?
Orphan 孤兒怨

It's hard to know where – and with whom – to begin when assessing the depraved, worthless piece of filth that is "Orphan," a high-gloss horror show about a well-meaning couple who bring home a 9-year-old girl to join their family, only to discover, way too late, that she's a homicidal psychopath.
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