Swedish terror suspect extradited from Czech Republic to the United States

PRAGUE, Czech Republic -- A Swedish citizen wanted in the U.S. on suspicion of plotting to set up a terrorist camp there was extradited Tuesday from the Czech Republic, officials said.

Czech Justice minister Jiri Pospisil ruled on Sept 18 there was no reason to refuse a U.S. extradition request for Oussama Kassir, spokeswoman Zuzana Kuncova said.

Kassir left the country by plane on Tuesday bound for the United States, said Kuncova.

Kassir was arrested on Dec. 11, 2005, at Prague's Ruzyne international airport while flying from Stockholm, Sweden, to Beirut, Lebanon.

He has been held in a Czech prison ever since. The United States requested his extradition in February 2006.

In April this year, the municipal court in Prague ruled he could be extradited to the U.S. but Kassir appealed the verdict. The appeal was rejected July.

Kassir has been charged in the United States with taking part in a plot to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon.

Kassir allegedly wanted to teach military-style methods to Muslims seeking to travel to Afghanistan to fight or receive further training there. A U.S. court issued an international warrant for his arrest.

Kassir was born in Lebanon and moved to Sweden in 1984. He became a citizen five years later.

He spent several months in prison in 1998 for assaulting a police officer and drug possession.

A Swedish court jailed Kassir for 10 months two years ago for illegal weapons possession.

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