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January, 9, 2017

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Leadership showdown - Three emerge in a divisive race for the helm of an embattled party
By James Lo, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Tensions rose Sunday ahead of a press conference this morning that will likely see the race for the Kuomintang (KMT) leadership expand to three candidates.

Meanwhile, one of the contenders, former Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin, announced that he would not seek the opposition party's presidential candidacy while serving as chairman.

In a Facebook post Sunday, Hau said he believed politicians who constantly targeted higher positions were unable to fulfill their current duties.

The comments came after he encouraged his rivals to resist using the party's leadership position as a stepping stone for higher office.

In a Facebook post Saturday announcing his bid for the KMT's top job, Hau said the role "should not be used as a means to elevate one's own political ambitions."

He added that the responsibility of the chairman was "to lead the party" instead of "benefiting from the office."

Hau said that he would refrain from seeking other positions, including the nation's presidency, if elected leader of the KMT.

He added that if elected leader, he would focus on uniting the party and grooming a new generation of KMT politicians.

Hau also said that future vice chairmen should serve as voices of various perspectives in the party, and that they should be given more authority.

Former Vice President Wu Den-yih has scheduled a press conference for Monday, where he is widely expected to throw his hat into the ring for the KMT's leadership.

Should Wu enter the race, it would bring the number of candidates to three, with the former vice president pitted against Hau and incumbent Chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu.

At a press conference Sunday, Wu said running for leader would enable him to "give back to the party after all it has done for me during my political career."

Wu said "he had not troubled" KMT leaders to attend his press conference, as the event had been organized for local reporters.

Hung Weighs in on Hau Pact

When asked whether she would follow Hau's promise to not run for president should she win reelection, Hung said that she had "her own perspectives on the matter."

The current KMT leader added she would make sure that the party nominates "the best candidate possible for the presidential election."

On whether she would encourage Wu to adopt Hau's suggestion on refraining from seeking higher office, the chairwoman said that it was "not her place to enforce such an idea."

Hung praised her rivals Hau and Wu, saying they had "made significant contributions to the party."

The chairwoman said that Wu was an "exemplary KMT member with plenty of political experience," while Hau's experience as a former mayor of the capital city made him a "formidable candidate."

The chairwoman went on to call for a "clean" election, encouraging her rivals to refrain from using smear tactics.

KMT Leaders Urge Vice Chair to Reconsider Resignation

On Sunday, KMT Vice Chairman Steve Chan (詹啟賢) announced his resignation, saying he felt he had "completed his mission."

Reports had suggested that a rift between the Chan and Hung had driven his decision to quit.

Both Wu and Hung publicly urged Chan to reconsider, with Wu asking Chan to "think things over, as he is an invaluable asset to the party."

The incumbent KMT chairwoman said that she would "do her best to persuade Chan to reconsider."

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When convenience stores get less convenient, embrace it
The China Post news staff

Resistance against labor amendments that came into force late December intensified as leading convenience stores announced plans to end round-the-clock operations by shutting down some locations on weekends or late nights.

Businesses claimed that the new workweek measures had increased wage costs, and some firms are responding by cutting their hours of operation. Other said they would increase prices and hire more part-time workers, which they say is a cheaper alternative to paying full-time employees for overtime.

This wave of industry responses comes as new laws give workers the right to a five-day workweek: every week, one day off is compulsory and a second is more flexible. On the flexible holiday, employers may ask employees to work on the condition that employees receive higher overtime pay (adjusted incrementally by the duration of overtime work), and receive an extra day off to make up for the loss.

While the government tries to come up with measures to prevent merchants from illegally raising prices, help smaller enterprises cope during the transition period and help workers understand how their rights can be safeguarded, it is a good time for all of us to reexamine the convenient lifestyle we lead, and in particular to look at the costs behind it.

To be continued with

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Will Hollywood be in the mood to party?

By Jake Coyle -- Is Hollywood in the mood to party?

On Sunday, the movie industry will gather for the Golden Globes, which are regularly one of the most freewheeling and frothiest award shows of the year. Champagne will flow. Punchlines will fly.

But the tone of this year's ceremony may be different, and not just because it will be the first time in nearly a decade that someone other than Ricky Gervais or the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler duo is hosting.

Jimmy Fallon will emcee this year's show, to be broadcast live from Beverly Hills, California, by NBC at 8 p.m. EST Sunday. But the transition on the minds of Hollywood is the one taking place in Washington on Jan. 20. The election of Donald Trump has loomed over this year's awards season, where the movie industry's usual self-congratulatory toasting has been mixed with a foreboding sense of dread.

"We are living in very troubled times," Kenneth Lonergan, writer and director of one of the season's favorites, "Manchester by the Sea," said Wednesday at the National Board of Review Awards. "How troubled, we don't know yet. It's going to be a lot of trouble, or it might be bad trouble like we've never seen."

Such speeches have been commonplace throughout the litany of awards that lead up, ultimately, to the Feb. 26 Academy Awards.

To be continued with

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Bilingual News
希華合作新夥伴Rakon將登門 股價今爆量走揚逾5%
記者張欽發/鉅亨網, The China Post news staff

希華?(2484-TW) 將以 1000 萬美元 (約新台幣 3.2 億元) 投資紐西蘭上市頻率元件廠 Rakon ,希華並藉此取得在航太、衛星、軍工等產業應用領域的開拓,Rakon 高層主管並將於本月 20 日來台敲定進一步合作細節。

 希華與 Rakon 的策略聯盟案合作,最主要鎖定應用於其高精密度衛星定位產品應用端市場,預計每年將轉 1000 萬美元的高階石英元件訂單給希華生產。

 希華董事長曾穎堂表示,Rakon 高層主管將於本月 20 日來台敲定進一步合作細節。

 希華投資 Rakon 案,已走完相關對外投資審查程序,此一計畫的進行將取得「雙贏」發展,不僅希華將取得 Rakon 技術移轉及授權,同時,成立已長達 50 年之久的 Rakon 公司也將移轉部分訂單交由希華晶體生產,預計 2017 年營收可見到明顯挹注的效果,對於未來雙方發展都有利益。

 希華與 Rakon 的合作除代工生產之外,也將包括代理銷售,Rakon 產品預計將在重新取得成本、技術競爭力之後,透過希華的銷售體系開展到高階的 物聯網應用市場。

To be continued with

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