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January, 6, 2017

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Government mulls new anti-smoking measure
By Kuan-lin Liu, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- he Health Ministry on Thursday proposed a ban on smoking in all indoor public spaces, citing the need to safeguard citizens from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

The ban is part of a proposed seven-point revision to the current Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act.

If approved, the bill would take the current ban on indoor smoking one step further by ridding it of all exceptions.

Under current law, certain indoor public spaces, including hotels, markets, restaurants, smoking rooms, cigar lounges and bars operating after 9 p.m., are exempt from Taiwan's smoking ban.

Luo Su-ying (羅素英) of the Health Ministry's Health Promotion Administration — where the bill originated — said the revisions would eliminate a rule that allows for indoor smoking areas, by adding smoking rooms, bars, clubs and cigar lounges to the list of public spaces where smoking is not allowed.

According to Luo, the reasoning behind tightening restrictions is that "smoking areas cannot effectively prevent the spread of secondhand smoke."

Luo said the Health Promotion Administration proposed these new restrictions that were in line with the World Health Organization and other global groups' standards.

The Revisions in Detail

On Jan. 4, Health Promotion Administration gave a preview of its revisions to the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. The points of the revision included an expansion of smoke-free places and a ban on hookah pipes and e-cigarettes.

These revisions would serve to safeguard both the public and employees at certain venues where smoking has traditionally been prevalent from the dangers of secondhand smoke, the health administration stated.

Luo said that e-cigarettes posed an emerging global health hazard that could potentially serve as a gateway drug for cigarettes to minors.

The administration defined e-cigarettes as "electronic devices that contained nicotine, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, or any other substance that is harmful to the human body."

According to Health Promotion Administration Director-General Wang Ying-wei (王英偉), "the harm smoking has done to our nationals should not be underestimated."

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Formidable challenges in store for Yang Dai-kang
The China Post news staff

The name Yang Dai-kang (陽岱鋼) may be unfamiliar to non-Taiwanese baseball fans as the island nation that sees the sport as its national pastime is more renowned for producing world-class pitchers such as Chien-Ming Wang (王建民) and Wei-Yin Chen (陳偉殷) than batters.

But the 29-year-old outfielder, who was just signed by traditional Japanese professional baseball powerhouse The Yomiuri Giants in a historic contract last month, is a name that deserves the world's attention.

In a press conference held at Tokyo on Dec. 19, the oldest and most successful team in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball Organization announced that it had signed the free agent outfielder on a massive five-year contract.

The baseball club that has won the Japan Series 22 times, most recently in 2012, did not disclose the details of Yang's contract, citing confidential reasons.

But according to Taiwanese media, Yang's contract is worth 2.2 billion yen or NT$680 million, putting him alongside former Japanese legends Katsumi Hirosawa (廣澤克己) and Kazuhiro Kiyohara (清原和博) in securing the longest contract ever by a free agent in Japan.

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In 'Allied,' love in the fog of war
By Jake Coyle, AP

Deeply nostalgic moviemaking is rendered with digital precision in Robert Zemeckis' highly manicured World War II romance "Allied."

Zemeckis' control of his camera is absolute, if self-consciously so. In "Allied," with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, he has resurrected the espionage thriller in all its classical glamour with a knowingness that's both impressively grand and stiffly hollow. The crisp period images of "Allied" never feel far removed from their storyboards. "Allied," despite its high-wattage stars, feels a bit like an R-rated "Tintin."

For Zemeckis, the director of "Back to the Future" and "Cast Away," the distance between animation and live-action is little to none, and beside the point, anyway. He has lately, with "The Walk," ''Flight" and now "Allied," been on a laudable mission to re-empower the big-screen drama with well-crafted, special effects-assisted spectacles that project human-sized stories onto widescreen canvases.

"Allied," big and sturdy, always fills the screen. But its gleaming surfaces are missing something underneath. The film begins with a lone parachutist drifting as softly as a leaf onto the Moroccan desert in 1942. He is Max Vatan (Pitt), a Canadian spy working for the British, so handsomely outfitted that he could have fallen not from the sky but out of another firmament: "Lawrence of Arabia."

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Bilingual News
京元電今年營收挑戰2位數成長 再創新高
The China Post news staff , 記者蔡宗憲/鉅亨網

半導體 IC 測試廠京元電 (2449-TW) 總經理劉安炫今 (5) 日指出,去年營收較前年成長 2 位數,表現相當亮眼,今年可維持強勁走揚態勢,估較去年高個位數成長,有機會挑戰 2 位數幅度,獲利也將隨著營收規模放大,表現有機會優於營收。


他強調,今年包含中國、美國與台灣主要客戶訂單動能都相當強勁,甚至中國手機晶片客戶近期還上調訂單需求,因此第 1 季營收雖受工作天數較少影響,將較上季下滑,但可較去年同期?2 位數成長。

法人估,京元電去年營收可望衝上 200 億元,創新高,今年持續成長 7-9%,有機會再寫新猷。

劉安炫強調,今年營收可望逐季上揚,高峰可望落在第 3 季,7、8 月單月營收有機會衝上歷史新高,挑戰 19 億元關卡。

To be continued with

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