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Early Taiwanese Coffee Culture / Now through June 14.
Enduring Splendor -- A Special Exhibition of Mr. Peng Kai-dong's Bequest / Now through Aug. 30.
The Future Museum of NPM -- the past and the future of the present / Now through April 30 Gallery at Terminal 2 of the Taoyuan International Airport.
Heaven, Earth, and Beyond: Prints and Illustrations of Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist Figures / Now through May 15 (Fri.) / Gallery 103 and 104
The National Palace Museum has a rich collection of Confucian, Buddhist and Daoist texts, which are accompanied by many beautiful prints of sages, monks, guardians, deities, immortals, and fairies. There are also images illustrating loyal and courageous men and women fighting for justice, miracles of Buddha rescuing people from hardships, and legends of Daoist priests exorcising devils and evil spirits. These works are presented in a righteous, dignified, and compassionate manner. Their features are lifelike, and the scenes deeply inspiring and moving. For this exhibition, dozens of the finest illustrated works have been selected to go on display. Apart from bearing witness to the great achievements of printmaking in ancient China, they also allow the audience to gain a deeper understanding of Confucian, Buddhist and Daoist philosophies through the characters and stories featured within. Lastly, they pay tribute to the sages and scholars of the past, while effectively conveying the ideals of human interactions and relationships. (Source: NPM)
Green: Longquan Celadon of the Ming Dynasty / Now through Oct. 15 (Thu.) / Gallery 304 /
Longquan wares were celadon produced at the hundreds of kilns near Lungquan area in southwestern part of Zhejiang province, China. By the Song dynasty (960-1279), artisans had established the Longquan glaze's signature glossy, greenish color, a tradition which continued through the Yuan (1271-1368) and Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Connoisseurs have long admired the elegant thin body and ethereal, bluish-green glaze of the Song dynasty Longquan wares, as well as the increase-sized, thick and vigorous Yuan dynasty wares. The present exhibition focuses on the Ming dynasty Longquan wares: their use in court, appreciation by the literati, and unique role in tributary and trade relations between the empire and other nations. (Source: NPM)
Early Taiwanese Coffee Culture / Now through June 14.
The Art of Lü Fo-ting from the Museum Collection / Now through April 30 (Thur.) / 4F Corridor / Full adult ticket cost NT$30/while the concessionary ticket costs NT$15
Liou Gaosung Chinese Painting Exhibition / Now through April 7 (Tue.) /
Architecture and Art Show / Now through May 25.
Jewels of 25 Years Museum Collection / Now through Jan. 10, 2010.
Mythologies of Contemporary Art by Three Artists Zhang Hong-tu , Yang Mao-lin and Tu Wei-cheng / From March 21 (Sat.) through May 3 (Sun.)
The Secret of Conservation: A Special Exhibition of Conservation Research Achievements by NTM / Now through June 14
The Room of Memories: Life of Centennial Taiwan / Now through May 24
Collision between Taboo and Desire: Hou Chun-Ming's Works of Print 1992 – 2008 / From March 21 (Sat.) through May 24 (Sun.) / D1 - D3 Gallery
Collision between Taboo and Desire: Hou Chun-Ming's Works of Print 1992 - 2008 features 13 sets of printmaking by Hou Chun-Ming over nearly two decades, including some of Hou's representative pieces such as Erotic Paradise (1992), which shot the young artist to fame, Anecdotes about Spirits and Immortals (1995), which was chosen to represent Taiwan in the Venice Biennale, and the artist's latest works, Paradise Lost for the Heterosexuals (2008) and The Love Mandala (2008). Source: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Inheritance and Innovation: Eastern Gouache Painting Exhibition by Chan Chien-Yu / Now through May 3 (Sun.) / B2 Gallery
Eastern Gouache Paintings depict scenes and objects using fine brushwork, delicately delineating the true essence of a thing, and heavy colors, applied with glue as a medium and bringing out the richness of mineral dyes. In Inheritance and Innovation: Eastern Gouache Painting Exhibition by Chan, Chien-Yu, we are able to witness the elegance and power present in Eastern Gouache Paintings as presented through Professor Chan's works. Source: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Ju Ming “Living World Series ── Scientist”/ Now trough Feb. 2010 /
The exhibition area was originally called “Swan Pond.” It was redesigned into a space for exhibiting “Living World Series – Scientist” and renamed as “Science Area.” Scheduled to open to public from February 21st, 2009, from environmental planning to its naming, this area was thoroughly arranged to present “Living World Series – Scientist” to its best. With a combination of artworks, natural landscape, and recreation space, Science Area is a place for water recreation, landscape appreciation, and art showcase. It's a realm of art where sense and sensibility interweave. There are a total of eleven works from “Living World Series – Scientist” in Science Area. Situated on a carpet of green grass, the statues integrate well into the surroundings and form an ultimate sense of spatial beauty. Aesthetic nourishments and features unseen before, in this way, are instilled into this area and make it a pretty inland of the museum. Visitors shall be able to appreciate and experience the sensible beauty of art when combined with a scientific theme. Source Juming Museum
Cloud Gate: Confronting the Ocean Exhibition -- An Exhibition of the 36-year history of the internationally-acclaimed Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan / Now through June 28. Tuesday - Sunday.
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Taiwan's New Cultural Movement Memorial Hall -- 3 Floor, No. 89, Ninghsia Road, Taipei City

(No Exhibitions Listed)
Spectacle -- To Earth His Own / Now through April 12
“Memory Windows: Paper-cut for Window" by Taiwanese designer Vincent Cheng at the Old Japanese Dormitory, No.7-1 Bei-Ping East Road, next to TAV / Now through May 15
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